Our Services


Flag and Banner Company of Indianapolis, Indiana, has been serving our customers for over 30 years.  We specialize in the following services and look forward to working with you or your company.

Flagpole Installations

We are the industry leader in flagpole installations for commercial and residential properties. Satisfaction is our top priority. See our flagpole install page for more information.

Flagpole Repairs

Contact us to repair your commercial or residential flagpole: rooftop, ground sets, vertical mounts and more.

Flagpole Maintenance

Flagpole care is important and we can help. Whether it’s replacing your ornaments or pulleys or setting up a maintenance contract, Flag and Banner can assist you. Learn more about our flagpole maintenance options.

Remove and Relocate Flagpoles

Contact us about relocating, removing or realigning your flagpole.


Custom Flags

Our staff creates custom flags for various organizations throughout Indiana.  Below is just an example of our work and what we can do for your university or business.